Inadequate, obsolete waste management processes present concentric rings of problems. Status quo processes in the handling of waste impacts public health, landfill proliferation, and planetary pollution. Municipalities, transit systems, and a myriad of private sector industries all face this same core challenge today.

Inefficiencies and an indifferent posture towards addressing the issue can cause a blight to any community's appeal to residents and visitors alike - and the resulting budgetary efficiencies to a responsible public agency, grow exponentially. The same risks apply to spaces owned and managed by private entities.

VarspeX provides market-leading solutions that tackle waste-handling challenges head-on - with sustainable, cost-saving, efficient approaches. We offer smart waste bins that compact refuse and recyclables, expanding usable bin capacity by up to 80%. When integrated with our cloud-based software platform, it enables a quantum leap in efficiency and community livability.

Our Approach

All too often, our clients are sold a "One-Size-Fits-All" mentality, which includes a stove piped hodgepodge of expensive products. Typically, these clients quickly realize the products are either very expensive and overkill for the immediate need and fall short of expectation.

Our approach is different. We focus on Client Success as a Trusted Advisor. We evaluate each area of the Waste and Recycling Environment to ensure each product aligns with the need. Next, we help our clients communicate with stakeholders and build a groundswell of support. Lastly, we measure the results, adjust and optimize for best results, and provide our clients with the reporting necessary to validate the investment.


We work closely with our clients in a consultative manner to determine the most efficient and effective manner of addressing Waste and Recycle Operations. Our aim is to provide insight into the status of each bin, container, or sensor to provide a predictive collection insight.


Leveraging technology, our clients experience measurable results and insight into Waste and Recycling Operations.


Our supported solutions include robust reporting, so our clients can easily communicate through out their organization the impact, needs, value, and benefits of the Waste and Recycle Operations.


Wide range of products for each need

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every environment and operation has it's own unique needs. We utilize a number of devices, compacting, non-compacting, solar, hard powered, sensors, and others to build a complete solution to address the entire environment. The focus is to keep costs in check by deploying the right solution for the correct need in each part of the environment.

Measure results and optimize

We work closely with our clients to measure the results of the investment and tune the environment to optimize for optimal benefit.