Cloud Data Encryption

Challenge summary:

With growing adoption of public cloud platforms and SaaS applications to streamline business-related tasks, businesses and individuals face the challenge of understanding a myriad of privacy and security frameworks across all used services. As data travels and resides across multiple hosts, it can leave critical business information vulnerable to security gaps and policy loopholes. When users are not only obliged to evaluate platform-specific security features but must also acquaint themselves with each service provider's data access, usage, and retention policies, ensuring data privacy––becomes exceedingly complex in today’s multi-cloud/SaaS environments.

Pain points:

  • Lack of strong file encryption for 200 trillion GB of data stored in hosted cloud storage; of which 80-90% is unstructured data
  • Improper Storage & Sharing of Private Content by Users
  • Use of convenient but non-sanctioned products for data storage and transfer, that have little or no security controls or protection.
  • Poor training or improper setup of systems can expose content unintentionally.
  • Hacking by Professionals or Insiders
  • Encryption Key Storage and Management concerns
  • Uncertainty about data regulatory compliance
  • 70% of files may contain sensitive information, like IP, Financial and Personnel information

GarbleCloud Encryption for Google Drive and G-Suite, implemented by VarspeX Services

There is really only one way to make sure your content in the cloud is truly private. When you use proper cloud encryption software, only the people who have designated access to your content can read it. File encryption software provides explicit protection from inadvertent sharing, an added layer against hacking and prevents the cloud storage provider from reading your information. Using Google Drive to store sensitive documents of any type is simply too risky. Without encrypted protection and proper access management, breaches are only a matter of time.


The GarbleCloud SaaS application offers the best cloud encryption software, providing a simple way to encrypt and share content. VarspeX services designs the right GarbleCloud implementation for your environment and data profile, and provides user training and support to ensure proper usage across the organization.


GarbleCloud is a Google Drive encryption software that makes use of AES-256 file encryption to protect your data. GarbleCloud can be used to encrypt data while uploading files or at any other time that is convenient for you. After encrypting files on Google Drive with AES-256, data security can be managed by our patented key management technologies. Despite the maximum-security encryption, GarbleCloud allows for easy sharing of data across various platforms. With our Google Drive end-to-end encryption and adherence to zero-knowledge standards, you can be confident that your Google Drive data is safe from those who have not been granted access.

Garble Cloud Diagram

Benefits of GarbleCloud Encryption for Google Drive environments:

  • Military-grade encryption of cloud data
  • Sharing encrypted files between authorized users only
  • Full-text search capability encrypted content without having to decrypt it first
  • Connect and work across multiple cloud providers

VarspeX also offers the following value-added services for GarbleCloud environments:

  • Bespoke implementation for enterprise file encryption
  • Encryption support for Cloud collaboration WorkFlows
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Customized solutions for Search of encrypted content across multiple Clouds and secure enterprise cloud storage
  • Content monitoring and access prevention with enterprise file encryption

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