Endpoint Threat Prevention

Challenge summary:

The pursuit of freedom from cyber-threats is now made easier – with a zero-time threat prevention solution based on a proprietary deep learning algorithm that sets a new bar globally for cybersecurity threat detection. Introducing Deep Instinct, delivered by VarspeX Services.

Pain points:

  • The traditional, anti-virus category of security software is based on signatures and dated heuristics.
  • Threat detection and mitigation is highly labor intensive and only effective against known threats.
  • The Machine Learning era now enables detection of zero-day malware – but detection capabilities are only based on human selected features and is therefore limited.
  • Constant updates and patches to client endpoints create user downtime, reduced productivity, as well as potentially lost work output.

Deep Instinct, delivered by VarspeX Services: The Future Brought Forward

Now, Deep Instinct implemented by VarspeX Services ushers in the deep learning era of cybersecurity threat prevention. The VarspeX-implemented solution lives at the perimeter endpoints, on client nodes, in the cloud, or anywhere in between. VarspeX deploys Deep Instinct – a software solution offering an unmatched, zero-time threat prevention platform that utilizes the deep learning framework.

Deep Instinct is programmed with a single mission – to detect and neutralize malware - trojans, spyware, ransomware, insider threats, and across any attack vector. The deep learning It is continually self-updating, requiring no centrally deployed point-releases or virus definition patches.  VarspeX Services deploys Deep Instinct agent, which then trains itself through a deep learning algorithm that emulates human cognition and memory association. It quickly learns to check every file, macro and script, using learned, predictive intelligence to identify threats. The result is multi-layer protection against any known or unknown threat from any file or file-less attack.

Endpoint Threat Prevention

Unlike detection and response-based solutions, which wait for the execution of the attack to react, the deep neural network’s prevention-centric approach keeps customers protected while sustaining uptime - and dramatically reducing operational overhead.

  • Record-high detection rates are achieved with the ability to skip human engineering and analyze all the available raw data in a file. Millions of files are machine-analyzed during the deep learning cycles.
  • Training of Deep Instinct for your organization happens every few months and takes just 24-48 hours. The training content is based on market analysis, new threat trends and new malware.
  • The data samples are taken from four different sources; public repositories, darknet, homegrown malware and malware mutations

With Deep Instinct from VarspeX services you get:

  • Zero-time prevention: the only solution inspecting every file as it appears on disk, automatically removing any file deemed to be malicious, and ensuring users cannot interact with the files.
  • No Trade-offs on False Positives: Traditional threat prevention models increase the rate of false positives with more stringent detection controls. Deep Instinct trains on the entire contents of malicious and benign files, identifying malware, known and more importantly unknown first seen malware, in milliseconds with high efficacy and unheard-of accuracy.
  • Broad Attack Surface Protection across a wide variety of file types, operating systems, virtual environments, cloud environments, and mobile devices are protected against the most common attack vectors (ransomware, malware, file-less attacks, phishing attacks, dual-use, PowerShell, man-in-the-middle)
  • Minimized Operational Impact: Since the Deep Instinct deep learning brain is pre-trained, there is no need for constant security updates, continuous Internet connectivity, or burdensome maintenance to keep pace with threats. With only 1 to 2 updates a year, security teams have more time to work on other vital projects, effectively increasing the size and capacity of the security staff without adding resource.

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