Challenge Summary:

Cloud applications require bandwidth to enable remote users to be productive without sacrificing security. Content sharing sites, online meeting apps like Zoom, and Office 365 require fast connections as data is exchanged between users and those applications in the cloud. Why? to ensure compliance, malware defense, data loss prevention and visibility remains intact as users work remote. However, maintaining security for remote employees can create a performance chokepoint that eats into productivity. Traffic is often routed through VPNs and data center infrastructure, slowing performance and creating resource productivity chokepoints.

Pain Points:

Cloud application traffic from remote users is traditionally sent through slow and overloaded VPNs often results in slow connections or downed networks preventing users from working safely and effectively

Complexity, latency, and the need to decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic increases demand for consolidation of networking and security-as-a-service capabilities into a cloud-delivered Secure Access Service Edge (“SASE”)

  • Data backhaul: unnecessary load on MPLS and SD-WAN branch office connections
  • The amount of bandwidth consumption for users increases exponentially as cloud application use surges
  • Traditional models involving hairpinning traffic through centrally hosted gateway proxies for security increase strain on site to site bandwidth adding substantial costs to the IT budget
  • The number of security appliances needed to secure bandwidth increases substantially resulting in high IT overhead and high infrastructure costs.
iBoss Diagram 1

Since the iboss cloud platform runs in the cloud, users are connected directly through the iboss cloud platform while they access cloud applications like Office 365, meeting apps like Zoom, content sharing applications and other online resources. As the connections go through the iboss cloud platform, the network data is scanned for compliance, malware defense and data loss to ensure security and visibility is applied at all times. Compliance-level security is made “portable”, following the remote worker.

Key value drivers:

VarspeX Cloud Security for Distributed Workforces value drivers:

  • As users connect to applications without slowdown, productivity and user experience improves instantly.
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) eliminates proxy/network security appliances hosted at the data center by performing security functions in the cloud and eliminating VPN infrastructure
    • Users connect to iboss cloud and all traffic to Office 365, cloud applications and video conference apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams
    • Reduction of the data center footprint and large reductions in infrastructure costs – eliminated data backhaul with containerized cloud architecture

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