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Our current lineup of product offerings delivers leading-edge technology, curated and designed to work together. Today, more than 7,500 units are deployed worldwide by customers spanning municipalities and commercial industries.

Clean City Networks Connected

Clean Cube is a solar-powered trash bin and compactor unit, which can hold up to 8x more waste compared to non-compacting, traditional public waste bins. A solar PV panel is mounted atop every CleanCube, and protected by a polycarbonate shield which makes it resistant to both extreme weather and to tampering or vandalism. Once the battery is fully-charged, the CleanCube can self-operate for up to four weeks, even with no sunlight.

It's intelligent compaction capability is driven by sensors which monitor fill levels. Once the bin approaches 100% fill level, the X-Frame Compaction Module activates a compaction cycle, using up to 1,500 lbs. of force.

Key Features

  • Fill-level data is transmitted wirelessly and in real-time continually, back to the CleanCity Networx software console.
  • LED indicator that displays approximate fill-level in addition to the exact sensor data
  • Safety sensors stop compaction activity immediately if it detects a person’s hands
  • In case of fire, the CleanCube displays and transmits a notification and attempts to neutralize the fire via compaction



  • Comes with optional AC power and hybrid AC/solar power options
  • Single-aperture for general waste or double apertures to accommodate recyclables
  • Available in 28 gallon/100 liter, 32 gallon/120 liter or 64 gallon/240 liter sizes – easily accommodating standard size wheelie trash bins
  • Exterior stainless steel design is customizable with display wraps, stickers, and even LED displays which are visible day or night – providing a potential advertising revenue stream
  • Ashtray option to encourage less cigarette butt pollution
  • Wifi hotspot option to provide Internet connectivity to the general public

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CleanFlex is an ultrasonic fill-level sensor that monitors capacity utilization and transmits data to the CleanCityNetworx real-time monitoring software. While the sensor technology is bundled with every CleanCube unit, the CleanFlex sensor is also widely used as an effective and cost-efficient standalone solution. It is easily retrofitted to an existing container of any size and form factor, from public waste receptacles to dumpsters, skips, underground bins, tanks, and more.

The variety of CleanFlex configurations allows for innovative use cases across industries, including strong use cases in industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments where large amounts of waste may be stored in areas that are not always conveniently accessible.


Key features

  • Monitors fill levels of solids and liquids for any container type
  • Temperature & tilt detection
  • Wireless data transmission via 2G/3G networks and standard WAN network protocols
  • GPS location tracking
  • Internal and External antenna options
  • Detection range of up to 13 feet (157 cm)
  • Impervious to external temperature change

CleanFlex sensors are available with two power options:

  • CleanFlex B is powered by lithium batteries with a lifespan of up to ten years
  • CleanFlex S is powered by a solar panel and lithium iron phosphate batteries, giving it a lifespan of well over ten years


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At the heart of the integrated VarspeX system is CCN, the waste management monitoring and control console. Hosted in the cloud and accessible via any web browser or mobile device. CCN provides a smart dashboard, analytics, and real-time monitoring.

Users can track their bins and containers with ease by simply logging in. From real-time monitoring of fill levels to collection route optimization, users gain access to the entire range of information from devices deployed in the field. Managers can view detailed data on individual bins and even control unit settings remotely.

Analytics of trends and performance metrics are based on your aggregated data. Collection efficiency and breakdown/event history helps users make smart, information driven decisions that drive operational efficiency. And CCN’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for administrators to manage sub-users’ access to the specific view that they need.

Key features

  • Monitoring of your entire waste management operations
  • Measurement of collection performance and efficiency
  • Predictive analysis based on the aggregation of your data history provides actionable insight for route planning and resource allocation
  • Universally accessible via a web browser on any device
  • API available for customization needs


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