Connecting People, Sensors & Systems in Edge IoT Environments


  • Lack of access to actionable, but perishable, human and IoT decision data in time-constrained environments yields uninformed and costly mistakes when large amounts of money, natural resources or even human lives and safety are at stake.
  • Heterogeneous IoT sensor types provide information in silos and inhibits “single pane of glass” visibility and top-down, data-driven decision-making IoT based environments can quickly become unmanageable, and lack of interoperability slows down the decision-making process. Rapid Action pursuits require Rapid decision-making.
BlueForce Dev Pic 1


  • VarspeX assists Smart City & Public Safety agencies, Corporate Enterprises, Law Enforcement and National Security agencies in gaining actionable insights from dispersed IoT sensor- based Edge environments.
  • Blueforce technology, implemented by VarspeX, that provides rapid, secure, intelligent connectivity between people, sensors, and systems…. to increase situational awareness, reduce cognitive load, and drive operational efficiency… to accelerate decision making through a “single pane of glass”.
  • Blueforce and VarspeX enable agencies to receive and react to synchronized information - shared for Rapid Adaption, Swarm Faster through a sustainable one code-based platform.

VarspeX Sensor-Driven Security & Intel value drivers:

  • Field Proven: Started in research, verified on the battlefield, expanded to the public and commercial sector, Blueforce is deployed today in major cities and active military operations worldwide
  • Affordable: Blueforce sensor fusion services can be deployed in your cloud, or leverage Blueforce's hosted services.
  • Future Proof: Rapid adaptation and extensibility using off-the-shelf software plugins or special purpose plugins using Blueforce’s readily available API/SDK. Move from concept to capability in days for most sensors/systems.
  • More than +200 sensors supported today from 90 hardware manufactures via one code base and a 24/7 support organization.

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