Application & Network Security

Challenge Summary:

Network perimeter defense is only as strong as its weakest vulnerability. Once breached, applications are exploited by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), putting critical data and infrastructure at risk. Status quo approaches are simply ill-equipped to handle modern threats adequately. Network and/or perimeter security products like WAFs, NGFW, and vulnerability management tools aren’t designed for runtime protection, leaving global brands, government organizations, and healthcare institutions in constant jeopardy.

Pain Points:

An enterprise landscape of applications today most often comprises a hybrid mix of deployment environments. The on/off-premise, cloud, internal data center-hosted and container-based solutions of today, all see similar access management security issues:

  • Complex policy configurations for signature-based solutions
  • Delayed security with behavioral baselines
  • Countless vulnerabilities within distributed apps
  • Lateral threats are often undetectable
  • SSL management is complex and prone to attacks
  • OWASP Top-10 is no longer enough to counter new attacks

VarspeX: Delivering Application-Native Security with Avocado Systems Auto-Discover / Auto-Segment / Auto-Secure

App-Native Security

Zero-trust is the fundamental design principle of the perimeter protection offered by Avocado, implemtented by VarspeX. Through Avocado’s pico segmentation approach, VarspeX services can deliver the benefits of a layer-7 encoded, software-defined network security perimeter to your organization, customized to your organization. It’s agentless deployment offers the agility needed to stop zero-day right in their tracks, along with these benefits:

  • Discover and secure application instances in runtime
  • Your admin gains complete control and visibility at the process and thread level, including app-dependency mapping and geographical mapping
  • Minimize attack surface of every application instance
  • Generate unique app DNA for verified communications Bundle applications with native security and pico-segmentation
  • Reduce SoC overhead with fewer false positives
  • Secure all apps & DBs with no human intervention Maximize granularity with none of the setbacks
  • Reduce SoC overhead with fewer false positives
  • Secure all apps & DBs with no human intervention

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