Digital Channel Security

The Challenge:

While business leaders tend to be rightfully nervous about employees saying the wrong thing on branded social channels, there’s a new threat that most marketing teams still haven’t come to terms with – cybersecurity. Social networks are among the easiest platforms to exploit. Cybercriminals routinely use them for carrying out phishing attacks or conducting research into potential victims for use in targeted social engineering attacks. The list goes on.


Avoiding social media altogether is neither realistic nor desirable from a brand perspective. At the same time, neither is it realistic to completely eliminate the risks. What companies can do, however, is ensure that their marketing, security, compliance, legal, and support teams have a thorough understanding of the risks of using social media - and next-gen solutions available to mitigate. To manage digital risk, organizations need full visibility into their social channels at all times. They need to know immediately if an account has been compromised, or if inappropriate or confidential information is posted on one of their branded profile pages.

Pain points:

  • Fraudulent social media accounts are routinely used by criminals to carry out social engineering scams under the guise of a real organization.
  • Unmonitored company social media accounts present a wide threat attack surface to hackers and cybercriminals, posing account takeover risk that can provide an invitation to inject malware of all types into a company domain or network
  • Reputational catastrophes are a common result of misinformed employees posting content to social media that, at best, doesn’t align with the brand’s messaging or, at worst, is downright offensive.
  • Compliance concerns: creating a strong culture of accountability through regular awareness training is essential, as well a legal requirement in many industries.

Protect Social/Digital Channels with Safeguard Cyber, delivered by VarspeX Services:

To secure external social media accounts and the company’s public presence, you’ll need a way to monitor every bit of information that leaves your business through both private and public channels. Your goal is to reduce risk and mitigate policy violations before they can spiral out of control. SafeGuard Cyber was developed to eliminate the need to manually monitor social channels, as well as others like instant messaging, cloud, mobile, and collaboration platforms. Instead, it provides the tools administrators need to enforce their policies while automation takes care of the rest. Information Security professionals need to secure external channels. SafeGuard is an agentless, post-perimeter approach. Through deep API integration, AI, cross-channel analytics, and customizable dashboards, we help enterprises achieve true information security for our dynamic and shifting times. With SafeGuard delivered by VarspeX Services, channels like Slack, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp are no longer black boxes. We empower companies to gain visibility into their company-wide communication channels and re-establish a robust security posture.

Social Channel Security

We guard brands by using advanced AI to prevent account hijacking, stop impersonations, and find fraudulent content. Safeguard, delivered through trusted partner VarspeX, captures every single interaction across social and digital, so nothing is missed.

Forces At Work


  • Secures company accounts from malicious activity
  • Gain Visibility into known & unknown Social Media Assets
  • Respond to Threats in Real-Time
  • Establish Control over brand assets
  • AI-driven digital risk solutions can perpetually monitor every relevant digital endpoint
  • Monitor social and digital messaging for suspicious social media DMs.
  • Evaluate links and attachments for malware.
  • Review connections to identify bad actors.
SafeGuard Cyber Dashboard

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