Common Industry Smart Waste and Recycle Use Cases

Municipalities and Transportation agencies

Municipalities are under pressure to deploy sustainable solutions that also drive citizen engagement and solve operational problems. Densely populated urban centers, smaller and midsized cities with large distances between waste pickup points, and transit systems responsible for waste management at every station and hub, use VarspeX technology today.


Shopping malls and plazas, convention centers, theme parks, office complexes and retail chain stores all contend with the challenges of waste management operations that consume time and resource. The scalability of VarspeX solutions means that even smaller deployments see a positive business case from smarter waste management solutions.


The use case for software-driven waste management solutions is clear cut in industrial manufacturing, distribution, and construction environments, where heavy and sometimes hazardous waste is produced in large quantities and often stored in areas that are not conveniently accessible. Sensor technology in VarspeX’ solutions address these challenges with the flexibility to accommodate the wide range of waste container types and sizes that may be unique from company to company.

Healthcare and Education

VarspeX solutions are used by education and healthcare campuses today worldwide.

Hospital networks and education campuses of all sizes have a responsibility for waste management that impacts reputation and perception by the communities that they serve. Growing operational cost pressures faced by such institutions mean that an improvement that provides rapid opex cost reduction, is compelling. High visibility to the public of any waste problem undermines the mission and reputation of such institutions, where a clean, safe and hygienic approach to waste management and collection is absolutely expected.

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