Avocado Systems:

  1. Creator of “Threat Modeling as a Service”
  2. Defined new level of Zero Trust for Workloads – Pico-segmentation


Devastating cyber breaches, such as CapitalOne, Equifax and Marriott (twice), resulted from undetected threats in their private, public or hybrid clouds stealing information from their applications.  What they have in common is they were all protected by the best data protection money could buy and yet undetected threats rummaged inside their cloud services for years.

Using patented dynamic pico-segmentation and threat detection solutions, Avocado Protect extends the Zero-Trust Architecture to apps inside the cloud services and protects them from the threats that are undetected and move in the lateral directions. Unlike other security solutions that require multiple point products, Avocado Protect is a single security solution native to your cloud applications. Avocado Protect reduces cyber security architectural complexity and cost by 70% as well as increasing application performance by 20%.


  • Avocado is a next gen application security platform that helps customers to:
    • Automate threat modeling for complex, multi-tiered applications
    • Streamline Zero Trust security for hybrid deployments datacenters
      • Automated policy creation for ease of use
      • Secure applications natively at the process level with no manual intervention
      • Ensure PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, and others throughout your application environments


We would be more than happy to help by enforcing zero trust on a global access perspective to your multi-tier architecture.